Automations and metal grids

Automations for swing gates


  • Low voltage safety and the new design makes PHOBOS BTL the best solution for gates

  • Electromechanical limiter that adjusts the closing and opening

  • If the gate is stuck it will not deteriorate

  • The is a back-up battery if the lights go off (B BAT) – on request

  • The opening and closing can be set (from the access panel)



  • M – electromechanical non-reversible operator PHOBOS
  • Q – microchip control LIBRA MA R with incorporated receiver
  • T – transmitter 2 lines MITTO 2 12 V
  • Ftx – photo – valves pair Cellula 130
  • CF – pair CC130
  • AL – blinker 24 V
  • S – key selector INTRO

Compact design with small dimensions and articulated arm

  • Versatile installation on pillars
  • Maximum protection when closing, guaranteed by an electronic adjustable device for any engine
  • Non – reversible operator equipped with mechanical closing, in order to keep the door opened or closed
  • Multiple options for the control panel with the receiver incorporated and switches for both ways. They assure safety and quality.
  • A function which checks automatically the photo-valves operations
  • Easy programming due to control units equipped with a panel
  • You can install 3 opening closing speeds.


  • M – electromechanical locking operator VIRGO with a panel and integrated receiver
  • N- electromechanical closing system VIRGO SQ
  • T – double canal transmitter MITTO 2 12V
  • Ftx – Ftx – photo-valves pair CELLULA 130
  • Cf –pair CC130
  • AL – blinker 24V
  • S – key selector INTRO


  • Versatility and flexibility with IGEA
  • Its compact shape and articulated arm allow installing even on huge pillars
  • Non – reversible operator keep the gate stuck when open and close
  • Galvanized and painted handles
  • Commuter with adjustable limit

Electromechanical operator for doors up to 1.80m and 250kg


  • M – non-reversible electromechanical operator IGEA
  • Q – circuit control Altair with incorporated receiver
  • T – two canals transmitter MITTO 2 12V
  • Ftx – Ftx – photo-valves pair, CELLULA 130
  • CF – photo-valves CC130
  • AL – lamp with antenna
  • S – key selector

Metal grids

Aluminum metal grids are the best solution regarding the quality and design. Due to their high degree of safety, we can say that the aluminum grids are the best product for commercial spaces.

Technical details for the aluminum grids

the resistant lamellae of the extruded aluminum offer a high level of security against robbers. The mounting can be done on the interior or exterior.

Handling can be by pulling or motorization. The aluminum grids can be equipped with an aluminum case which protects the grid and also the engine. They permit the light and fresh air in (ventilation).

Opening is up to 7m wideness. You can choose from a large variety of standard colors or you can choose any other color RAL.

They can be equipped with safety systems:

  • Inertial brake
  • Photo-valves
  • Sensor in “keder”.

Advantages for the aluminum grids

Compared to steel grilles and metal curtains, aluminum grilles have the following advantages

  • the possibility to mount on the exterior too, due to its resistance to rusting;
  • resistance for the X-rays and bad weather;
  • more aesthetic than the old steel grids due to a higher finish degree;
  • quietness when operating due to the fact that the aluminum grille blades do not rub directly on the guide;
Types of drive:
-Tube engine
-Side engine
Command systems:
– up and down buttons
– key
– remote control


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