Fire doors

60 or 120 min fire door can be delivered with 1 or 2 leaves.

These doors are recommended for offices, schools, bathrooms, warehouses, basements etc.


Technical characteristics

Fire doors are made by tin sheet with insolation (insulation material) on the exterior.

The thickness of the sheet is 50mm (60mm).

The angle joint is of 55mm (100mm) 1,5mm thick, mounted on the fire doors with or without door step.

The gasket closes tightly when it is hot.

The door handle is fire resistant and reversible for the cylinder and it is equipped with a spanner. Safety draw bars mounted on the same side with the hinges. Black fire resistant handles made of nylon with metalic core mounted on the cylinder and a spanner (optional a cylinder with a key).

There are two hinges, one with bearings and screws for vertical readjustment and one with a stop spring. There is a reinforce of the leaf (on the outside) in order to mount the door stay or safety bar. There is the identity plate with the series production for each fire door.

Colors for pedestrian fire doors

The doors are orange and they have a layer of protection against scratching. On demand, we deliver doors with PVC sheet fake wood or decorations.

All doors are finished with paints resistant to external environment factors.

Accessories: shock absorber, safety bar, round and rectangle windows, keder, additional coldness, leaf selector, stainless steel plating, cylinder with key, electromagnets and different samples of handles.

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