Sectional garage doors

Garage doors created with “sandwich panels” (double walls) provide the best insulation (sound proofing too) and you can save energy as well.

There are four types of panels: Single, Multi, Flat, Blocks. They are all efficiently treated and protected against rust. The zinked material on both sides, ester painted permit water to leak no matter the texture is.

The doors made of “sandwich panels” with thermal breaking are available in white RAL 9002 but other colors too. Garage doors have the same size (height) lamellae, grooved and the cases are equally divided.

Therefore, when the door is closed the joints between the panels are invisible.

Single panels model

Single panels: are made of horizontal panels, having each 2 lamellae of the same size (height) with a perfect shape and pleasant aspect. The “sandwich panel” Single is made of steel, thermal insulated, with double walls (thickness of 42mm).


Multi panels model

Multi panels: are made of horizontal “sandwich panels”, steel, each having 4-5 lamellae of the same height, equally divided. When the garage door is closed the joints between the panels are invisible.


Flat panels model

Flat panels: are made of horizontal “sandwich panels”, steel, thermal insulation with double walls (thickness of 42mm). Flat panels can be personalized, on demand, a 100% with wallpaper images. So , your door could be one of a kind


Block panels model

Block panels: are made of horizontal “sandwich panels”, steel, thermal insulation, double walls (thickness of 42mm). The cases are equal rectangles and they give a classical and elegant architecture to the garage doors.


Doors with stainless steel applications

You can personalize your garage door now. We recommend choosing stainless steel applications since we can offer you a large range of shapes and models. If you have an additional garage door we can offer you the following models:

Windows and window panels

Round, square or rectangle your window can personalize the way you want your garage door to look like. If you need more light, then choose a window panel. For an extra design we advice you to personalize the garage door by choosing one of our offers. Whether you choose black frame windows (PVC) or the new models with stainless steel frame, you can have any of the existent models: round, square or rectangle.

If you need more light in your garage you can choose the sectional door with  a window panel. The window panel is cut to fit the dimensions of the door.

The window panels can have any available color RAL and also fake wood. The window panel has separate stiffening rooms suitable for the interhinges. With a thickness of 2.5mm, the window panel has a special quality, being the best product on the market!

Handles – choose now the right one!

If your door has an automatic closing, the handles are not a must, but if it happens the lights to go off, it is essential to have a handle. You can choose one of the following:

  • Residential applied handle, available on block (Picture 1)
  • Industrial incorporated handle, suitable for larger and heavier doors (black) (Picture 2)
  • The residential safety- lock activates the metal slings which cause a block in the guide.
  • The residential safety-lock (aluminum or black)- for manual closing from the exterior. The safety –lock manipulates the metal draw bars from the interior which also causes a block guide. (Picture 3 interior safety lock eco, Picture 4 safety lock exterior eco).
  • Door latch for inter closing (for safety) (Picture 6).

Pedestrian door with a door step

An important motivation for those who want to purchase a sectional garage doors is the fact that we can insert in the panels’ structure a pedestrian door. This door can function individually or together with the garage door. In the garage people keep useful things like bikes, lawn mowers or other equipment which they use on a daily bases. This is a great opportunity to have a pedestrian door because you don’t have to open the garage door every time you need to take something out.

The pedestrian door can have a doorstep (or not). They can be of any color RAL inclusive fake wood in order to look like the sectional garage door. You can choose any color you like with NO EXTRA COSTS!

New in Romania, pedestrian anti-burglary door is not only functional but is also an efficient system for your own safety.

Picture 1: large profiles, solid and resistant, perfect joint of the profiles

Picture 2: double “kedar” system- for both exterior and interior, a perfect insulation.

Picture 3: the only system with PVC connecting parts (having the profile color RAL or silver), keeps a constant distance between profiles and therefore won’t be any deforming of the doors.

Unique: sectional doors with four closing parts

  • The possibility to adjust the width of the pedestrian door.
  • Easy to use due to the closing system: one or four parts.
  • You can choose you own color RAL and fake wood, which make it look great.
  • Interior stiffening system with electro-plated steel.
  • Optional insulation with two layers of gasket.
  • Perfect joint.

Conditions for panels and pedestrian doors:

 Dimensions and assemblage data for the pedestrian doors:

Scheme for the panel

Dimensions and installation data of glazed panels

The additional door

With an additional door you have an easier access to the garage. This door has become a new brand in Romania. The customers who want an easier access to the garage believe that the additional door is very efficient and elegant at the same time.

It is easier to take out all the equipment from the garage (bikes, sledges, lawn mowers etc) without opening the large garage door. They have an elegant aspect and they can look like the main garage door.

They can also be personalized with stainless steel applications. The stainless steel doors can be of different colors RAL or fake wood.

Dimensions and assemblage data for the additional doors


Horizontal section for the additional door

Vertical section for the additional door

Tiziano engine type

Important! Integrated, the Tiziano engine has the most reliable anti-contortion system on the market! When the door is moving, if it hits and obstacle, the door stops immediately and it lifts up to 20cm.

The anti-burglary system! When the lights are out, even if you use the manual system of the engine, when the door is completely closed, the engine blocks the door instantly.

D-Track protocol. Safety comes first! This is the most important thing for the BFT operators, and of course for the Tiziano engines. The intelligent D-Track system allows the microprocessor of the engine to know the exact speed and position of the door at any moment.

This means that the bad weather will not affect the resistance of the door. The catcher is electronic with Encoder. The technology  and the reliability of the system made the Tiziano engine have a perfect braking and a good precision of the door.

TIZIANO characteristics

Tiziano engine

EOS 120 engine

  • Control unit with automatic system of the opening and closing
  • Encoder and intelligent control system of the D-Track movement, which manages the safe fitting in any situation
  • The electro-plated rail with a run system, in order to facilitate the control of the metallic chain.

EOS 120 characteristics

Optional accesories for engines

Photo-valves: the infra-red barrier stops the electrical movement of the door when there is an obstacle. We recommend the photo-valves system if you have children or pets!

The signaling lamp: it indicates the closing and opening of the garage door. It is useful during the night.

Manual blocking system: (electrical safety-lock). It is useful when there is no light or any other access in  the interior of the garage to unlock the engine.

Extension of the track: useful for door higher than 3m with a maximum engine capacity. In this situation you can have an extension of the rail for the engine and this will increase the power of the engine.

ECOSOL solar system: is extremely innovative and it is suitable for those houses which combine the latest technology with the environment. The system uses solar energy, charging an accumulation to allow the access in the garage.

Wireless button: it can be put anywhere and there are no wiring costs.

Code selector: wireless technology, with no other costs. The code selector is ideal for the collective houses.

Key selector: if you want a secured access, you can choose a cheaper system, that is the key selector. Without the key access, the garage door cannot be opened by any other person.

Remote control 2/4 rabbets: the remote control with 2 or 4 rabbets is used in houses with more garage doors.

Lego RTH garage doors system:

Lego RTH garage doors system:

Lego garage doors-characteristics:

  • Max. dimensions: 3000mmx2240mm

  • Double tension springs: 1500 cycles of operation

  • Fast installing due to the lack of components and accessories

  • You don’t need a large space to install it. 80mm lintel/manual and 120mm/electric

  • Delivery from our stock.

The arch-in-arch system:
The doors sheet can be moved due the draw springs. This system is good for your safety and it keeps you away from injuries or just stops the sheet to come off.

The double function whip:
Assures a uniform distribution of the tension. It has a major importance for the safety mostly when one of the 2 rolls breaks away by mistake.

The clinging plate of the arch:
The clinging system of the arch on the interior is very well designed in order to allow the adjustments according to the weight of the sheet. The sheet can hold up to 5 kg.

PVC angle stiffener
The angle stiffener together with the C profile have the meaning to stiffen the frame door..

Height adjustment:  sling attachment system allows to adjust the height depending on the lintel, up to max.380mm.

Long term functionality: the draw spring is mounted between the pole and the rail. This is provided on the top with a traction cable drive roller that provides a smooth and quiet operation of the door leaf. The special material that the roll is made of, guarantees a long term functionality.

Best garage door system characteristics:

  • Max. dimensions 5000x3095mm
  • Spring torque guaranteed at 25.000 operating cycles
  • Doors are made up upon the requested dimensions
  • Installing space: lintel of 210mm/manual and 250mm/electric

Lower roll support: the lower roll support is provided with an extension that can be operated with the foot when closing the door, if there is no handle for the manual function.

The support for the roll, made of galvanized steel of 2mm thick, is so designed that the screws in the panel are made exactly in the area of reinforcement.

Double track: the double track sliding system is especially designed for garage doors requiring low liners. One of the most important characteristics of this system is that the sliding tracks are treated with zinc of 240kg/m2. This allows installation of the system in places with high degree of humidity.

Superior roll support: it is specially designed to allow adjustments in the roll’s position when required.

Side roll support: the whip system assures a uniform distribution of the tension released by the weight of the door leaf on the traction cable and has a safety roll if one of the two whip rolls accidentally crashes.

Safety system against spring break: garage doors can have this system included, and they have the role to stop the sheet from falling off if the torsion spring breaks. 

Safety system against the cable break: this system is optional and it is important because it stops the sheet from falling if the draw spring breaks.

Black aluminum profile: the main characteristic of this profile is the thickness of the aluminum, 1.5mm. The advantage of thickness is extra ridging for the garage doors with a large opening.

Spring: the torsion springs are made of galvanized steel in order to maintain a minimum number of 25.000 cycles of operation.

Anti finger breaking system, at panel: due to the unique profile of the panels, there is no risk in breaking the fingers when the door sheet is moving. All sectional doors have this type of system included.

Tambour: all components are CE tested and certified.

Panel, 42mm thickness: they are insulated with polyurethane foam with 42kg/nN density, “free CFC”, made of galvanized steel (0.5mm thickness), with 270gr/mC zinc.

Rear spring: a unique system in Romania which permits the installing of the garage doors in free spaces with a lintel of only 55mm. This system can equip doors with a maximum weight of 340kg.

Dimensions and mounting data for the sectional door

Technical limitations for the installing of the sectional door

Guarantee 10 years.

Doors represent the guarantee for a long term investment. Thermal insulation with a high degree of efficiency makes our clients satisfied of their investment. If you sign an additional service contract, with annual examination made by our specialists the guarantee for all sectional garage doors is for 10 years, only if the maintenance is respected and you sign a service contract.

Fast delivery deadline:  according to the chosen models and colors, the delivery can take a few days, or even weeks. This is the reason for you to have the garage doors done as a last thing when building a house.

Quality and design: the design of the house is very important factor in choosing the garage door because it has to fit the architecture. Lately, the markets focus on a special design or personalized doors. It is not easy but a quality product will always make the difference! The customers have understood that the garage door can give personality to your house.

Thermal insulation: the sectional garage doors are made of steel panels (thickness 42mm) filled with polyurethane foam. The doors have elastic gaskets and double “keders” for a superior thermal insulation on all four parts. They are resistant to all the weather changes. The doors actually become a barrier for the wind, rain and snow, offering comfort to your house. More than that, everything you keep in the garage will stay safe even during the winter months. Another advantage is that you don’t loos the warm from the garage.

The photo-valves

Quality and design

Thermal insulation

The photo-valves

Remote-control engine

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