Versatile, innovative and beautiful harmonic door without lower rail offers the maximum use of the space you have. The harmonic door can be made up to 33m wide and 7m high.

For emergency or to save thermal energy, the pedestrian door embedded in the top of the harmonic door can be used.


The harmonica doors are made of steel panels with a thickness of 52 mm, a width of 750/1420 mm and a height of 2200/7000 mm, with aluminum frame and galvanized steel sliding rail.

Sealing is done with PVC brushes (top and bottom) and EPDM gaskets on the side. All accessories (hinges, sliding trolleys, handle and locks) are painted black.

The harmonic door motor is designed for intensive use with a built-in unlocking system for emergencies when there is no electricity.

Optionally you can opt for: photocells, acoustic-light detector, unlocker with handle and key mounted on the side frame, windows with rounded corners (500 – 600 mm), ventilation grilles, panic mechanism with one or two locking points, external lock , pedestrian door with or without threshold.


The panels are electrostatically painted and have anti-corrosion treatment.

The surface is smooth and can be painted front – back in the following RAL colors:

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