Exterior rolls

Made of aluminum, the exterior rolls are equipped with manual or automatic systems, with a remote control. Avaible in a large range of colors, they can have the casing applied or overlapped. With a high degree of finishing, the exterior rolls have always been the perfect combination between aesthetic and practical.

Applied rolls

The exterior applied rolls are mounted on the already existent joinery. They have 39mm aluminum lamellae, filled with polyurethane building foam. They have outer aluminum case, mitered, the guide rails are made of extruded aluminum with dust brushes, the as is made of steel equipped with metal bearing.
They are available in a large range, including fake wood.
Besides elegant design, the exterior rolls system provides thermal and phonic insulation, but also protection against vandalism and bad weather.

Overlapped rolls

They are mounted at the same time with the new joinery, creating a compact system which provides comfort. The overlapped rolls are one of the most efficient systems.

The case: is made of PVC and it is square. It can be plastered on the outside.

Lamellae: are made of aluminum, filled with polyurethane builiding foam and they can be up to 39mm.

The insect nets: is introduced in the process and it is a roll which functions vertically. It has a silicone brake and it slows down the rolling up speed. Therefore the net is more durable.

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