Profine GmbH via Troisdorf factory in Germany is the best PVC windows manufacturer in the world, since 1954 as it is the inventor of the PVC profiles.




Starting with 2016, Profine Group unified the KBE , Kommerling and Trocal profiles series, resulting the 70, 76 and 88 mm common series. We offer you the Trocal profile for the 70, 76AD, 76MD and 88MD systems for doors and windows with opening in the interior. All profile series White or White/Color have a grey gasket and those colors have black black gaskets on both sides.


TROCAL remains a window pioneer. More than 50 years after the creation of the first PVC window in the series production, Trocal comes up with an elegant design and a new technology in the field and sets new limits.

Trocal 70 has a very harmonious system. Supported by our range of laminated products of special wood textures and chromatic variety, you can create your own models.

  • Modern design;
  • 70 mm installation depth for thermal isolation;
  • 5 rooms with double sealing system;
  • Thermal transfer coefficient: Uf= 1.3 W/mpK;
  • Complete and varied range of profiles and accessories;
  • Excellent quality/price ratio;
  • Thickness 24 mm or 38 mm;
  • Coating 1,5 mm and 2,5 mm.


Windows test values

Thermal transfer coefficient – Uf= 1,3 W (m2K);
Wind resistance – max. C5;
Water proof – E 1500;
Water permeability – Class 4;
Sound proofing – max.45 dB;
Safety class – max. RC2.

Doors test values

Wind resistance – max. Class C2;
Water proof – max. 6A;
Water permeability – max. Class 2.


Trocal 76 AD System is the best in its class having the following characteristics:


  • 5 rooms system;
  • Elegant design with straight edges;
  • 2 gaskets- optimal thermal insulation;
  • Uf = 1.1W/m2K;
  • Thickness 24 mm or 48 mm;
  • Optimal depth 76 mm
  • Ideal for security, ornamental windows, windows with sash bars, double and triple windows;
  • Coating for the windows frame, rabbet and door frame – 1,5 mm and 2,5 mm.
  • The possibility of ALUCLIP standard plating;
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.

Windows test values

Thermal transfer coefficient – Uf= 1,1 W(m2K);

Wind resistance – max. Class B5/C5;

Water proof – max. 9A;

Water permeability – max. Class 4;

Sound proofing – max. 48 db;

Safety class – max. RC2 (WK2).



Trocal 76 MD system is the best in its class having the following characteristics:


  • 6 rooms system;
  • Honeycomb structure of the rooms to improve the static of the profile;
  • 3 gaskets – a medium gasket that provides enhanced thermal and sound comfort;
  • Standard hollow frame;
  • Uf = 1.1W/m2K
  • Best quality/price ratio from it’s class
  • Thickness 24 mm or 48 mm;
  • Depth 76 mm
  • Coating- 1,5 mm and 2,5 mm;
  • It also has technical properties that have previously been achieved only through profiled systems with large installation depths;
  • The possibility of ALUCLIP or ALUCLIP PRO plating


Windows test values

Thermal transfer coefficient – Uf = 1,0 W(m2K);

Wind resistance – max. Class B5 / C5;

Water proof – max. 9A

Water permeability – max. Class 4;

Sound proofing – max. 48 db;

Safety class – max. RC2 (Wk 2).



Trocal 88 MD is the best in its class having the following characteristics:


  • 7 rooms system;
  • Thermo middle gasket;
  • 3 gaskets for sealing that provide superior protection against rain and wind


  • Thickness 52 mm
  • Depth 88 mm
  • Colored windows coating – 2,5 mm 
  • Uf= 0,95W/m2K;
  • 100% lead free, Greenline certified;

Windows test values

Thermal transfer coefficient- Uf=0,95W(m2K);

Wind resistance – max Class C5/B5;

Water proof – max 9A;

Water permeability – max Class 4;

Sound proofing – max 48 db;

Safety class – max RC2 (WK2).



PREMIDOOR concept means “high sliding doors” and it was developed by the Profine Group starting with 2005. It is mostly used where large openings are needed and also superior thermal insulation.

We offer these  only on the 76 mm and 88 mm systems.


Maximum sash weight – 400 kg;
Maximum frame size (white) – 6500 x 2600 mm;
Maximum frame size (color) – 6500 x 2400 mm;
Maximum frame size (AL pane)  – 6000 x 2400 mm;
Door case depth – door step – 179 mm;
Door sash depth 76 mm;
Thermal coefficient – Uf=1,3 – 1,4 W/mp*K;
With suitable glass – Ud=0,9 W/mp*k;
The possibility of aluminum plating on the exterior.


Maximum sash weight – 400 kg;
Maximum frame size (white) – 6500 x 2900 mm;
Maximum frame size (color) – 5260 x 2600 mm;
Maximum frame size (AL pane) – 5500 x 2600 mm;
Door case depth – door step 207 mm;
Door sash depth 88 mm;
Thermal coefficient Uf=1,2-1,3W/mp*K;
With suitable glass Ud=0,8w/mp*K;
The possibility of aluminium plating on the exterior.

Aluminium plating on the exterior – the ALUCLIP PRO system

It is the perfect interaction between PVC and Aluminium, with all the advantages of a modern window, with a high level of thermal insulation, durability, compatibility with the environment and economical efficiency.

Due to the thickness of the frame plating >3mm, the system offers an excellent statistic for the frame without becoming coated.



The thickness of the frame coating is more than 3mm,

Uw up to 0.86W/m2K (according to its configuration, dimension and the type of the window).

Coating- 48mm


Very good static – maximum double dimensions of 1100x2600mm.


Aluminum plating on the exterior – the ALUCLIP PRO ENERGY TECH SYSTEM

Perfect for passive homes Uw<0.8W/m2K
In this situation the coating is excluded for both, door case and frame, and the interior is filled with building foam.
!!! The profiles containing building foam for TROCAL 76MD are standard.

Window fittings

The fitting provides the functionality of the window. This is why, it represents an extremly important choice. The windows fittings contain parts for wrong contraction and micro ventilation.
Depending on the degree of safety required, they can accomplish the RC1 and RC2 (WK1 and WK2) standard.


Innovative design – research show that more and more consumers are focusing on design and beauty. Therefore, we added to your window an innovative design and many other extra characteristics.

Prolonged use – reliable use for many years. Quality and functionality are the most important features of every customer choosing a window.

The possibility of energy saving and impermeability – etanseitatea ferestrei este o conditie prealabila. the impermeability of the window is an important condition. Energy savings through specific ventilation possibilities should be transmitted in the future to all window buyers..

Security – against unwanted visitors. Maco provides to all your costumers safety in various ways.

The advantages of using the Maco fittings:

  • Micro ventilation standard
  • The Maco fittings have a high corrosion resistance
  • The hinges can hold up to 120kg compared with the others that can only hold less than 100 kg.
  • The lower hinge is adjustable is adjustable in 3 directions. The Maco fitting is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 20000 closing-opening cycles.
  • It has high tolerance to the closures (19mm), compared to similar products. The closing system is made by a triple finger joint.
  • The Maco fitting has a few elements that cannot be universally mounted.
  • The screws of the hinges are fixed in the coating.
  • The possibility of configuration to obtain safety systems RC1 and RC2.

MACO MULTI-MATIC – lock roll “VZ”


Standard lock roll “VZ”

  • The best way to have a sealed window
  • Reliable and robust
  • Adjusting pressure (+2mm/-1mm)


  • Refined design
  • Uniform surface silber-look
  • Linear hollows on the front track to give the fittings a smooth and elegant line
  • The rounded edges of the locking parts generates a refined contour



MACO Multi-Matic (Full) fitting  is one of the systems that provides security “i.s” for the buyer 

“i.s” – intelligent security.

Types of ornamental glass

Aluminum headpiece

– variety of colors;

THERMIX headpiece

  • Less thermal transfer than aluminum spacers by around 20%
  • Insulation of the edges thus reducing their strong heating during summer season
  • Prevents condensation that appears on the window.

Profile sheets

Cool COLORS – the safety of a superior product

SKAI is a commercial brand of KONDAR Hornschuch AG. The Kondor Hornschuch AG is one of the biggest sheets manufacturer.

The advantages of the sheets  – COOL COLORS – it is characterized that, no matter what the high temperatures are, it keeps the original colors. Synthetic pigments and reflection are a new point of view. They reflect up to 80% of the sun light, reducing the heating of surfaces at least 20%.

On a first glance there is no difference between the sheets, but the infrared chambers show the properties of COOL COLORS sheets. More than that, COOL COLOR sheets are superior to the standard ones.

Standard sheets – stock pile

EXPANDED SHEETS – SILCAR – delivery within 6 weeks

EXPANDED SHEETS – SILCAR – delivery within 6 weeks

Accessories for PVC doors and windows

  • Aluminum window sills and PVC jambs
  • Roller blinds
  • Window blinds and rolling window blinds

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