Window blinds and textile shades

Horizontal aluminum window blinds have an important role in designing the interior of a house.

They provide protection against the heat and, at the same time, they allow light regulation due to the orientation of the surface of the lamella. Easy maintenance and installation are also another advantage of the horizontal aluminum window blinds. Our offer has horizontal aluminum window blinds for any kind of windows.

ISSO window blinds are created for PVC windows and they are the new trend in the development of the horizontal aluminum window blinds. They are highlighted by their design and by their long term utilization. In the design of this type of window blinds the focus was on the perfect integration of the blind with the window. The special attention to the details allowed them to fit perfectly with the windows on which they are mounted. Due to their mechanism they are easy to handle. You can choose rolled blinds or venetian blinds, depending on your preference.

Vertical window blinds

They are the best solution to keep shade in the chamber and they are more and more used as an alternative for curtains too. Many times they have a great impact when it comes to the design of the room. Due to a large variety of colors and models, you can make different combinations resulting an elegant and original interior. The new cloth collection is a pleasant surprise due to its variety and color.

The cloth that does not allow light in, is a new brand (black out). All cloths are properly treated so they can be bought and used by those who suffer of allergies. Due to its treatment, the maintenance is easy to be done. After a period of time the cloth is recommended to be cleaned with an ultrasound machine.

Another advantage is that the vertical window blinds can keep shade to horizontal surfaces too. They can be mounted up in the ceiling or being bracket mounted on the wall.

Textile roller blinds

They create a pleasant and original atmosphere in any chamber. They are an attractive and practical accessory. Lately, the textile roller blinds offer has considerably increased, the product range is larger and this product has become perfectly adaptable becoming the best model going.

You can choose classical textile roller blinds or Venetian ones. If you want more shade in the room you can choose shadow-proof roller blinds. All cloths used have a special feature wich allows the correct rolling up offering a nice aspect.

An elegant and modern version of systems is the roller blind made up by different materials wich can be attached either on the wall or on the window frame. Depending on the type of the roller blind Day and Night (Premier, Expert or Oprtima), you can choose, or not, guidance profiles.

The rolling up system is activated by a roller chain and it has the following advantages:

The are made up by textile materials whose color and texture can easily match the room. They also bring personality to it.

They can be easily cleaned

You can decide how much light and heat you want in the room by placing the roller blind in the right position.

Our experts are at your disposal with any kind of information or technical recommendations.

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